Labor Commissioner compensates assisted living care employees, victims of wage theft, in Fresno

California Labor Commissioner, Julie A. Su, recently cited an assisted living provider located in Fresno, CA, with $1,625,468.00 for labor law violations, including unpaid minimum and overtime wages, meal and rest break violations, as well as the failure to issue itemized wage statements.  Of this number, the provider, Bedford Care Group, Inc., was also fined $114,500.00 in penalties. 

The live-in employees were on call and often required to work 24 hours a day, but were not paid for all hours that they worked, or were “suffered or permitted” to work for the “benefit of” their employer.  Labor Commissioner Su in a press release called this, “wage theft.”  The workers were assisted in coming forward by advocates in community-based organizations. 

The Labor Commissioner may be contacted through the California Workers’ Information Helpline (866) 924-9757.  For a list of other ways Labor Commissioner Su, a Brown-appointee, is working on the side of labor and worker justice, visit

Please contact your labor law counsel with any questions regarding California wage & hour law. 

By Lisl Duncan

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