Education and Training

AB 1273: Expands “Earn and Learn” training programs for health and other licensed professions
This bill would expand the use of “Earn and Learn” programs for the training of professions licensed or certified by the California Departments of Public Health and Consumer Affairs.  Apprenticeship and Earn and Learn programs allow workers and students to earn wages at the same time that they are receiving the training, skills, mentorship, and work experience they need for a specific occupation or career.  By adding key stakeholders to the Interagency Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship (IACA) and removing current barriers to such programs, AB 1273 will increase access to such programs.  The Departments of Consumer Affairs and Public Health oversee a broad range of licenses and certifications, from architects and accountants to registered nurses and other allied health professionals.  The provisions of AB 1273 become operative on January 1, 2024.

SB 628: Enacts the California Creative Workforce Act of 2021
Upon appropriation by the Legislature of sufficient funding, the California Creative Workforce Act of 2021 will establish creative arts workforce development as a state priority and promote employment and “Earn and Learn” job training opportunities for creative workers.  The Arts Council, in consultation with the California Workforce Development Board (Board), will oversee and administer a grant program, with funds set aside for Earn and Learn training opportunities for students who have enrolled or completed a program in the arts, low-income or unemployed creative workers, and others interested in creative work in their communities.  The bill will also require the Council to set aside funds to create equitable opportunities for individuals and communities who have faced barriers to participation and employment in creative work.  The Arts Council, in collaboration with the Board, will design the program pursuant to specified objectives and will be required to consult with local government, community nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions in this effort.

AB 643: Requires schools to provide advance notice to apprenticeship programs of career fairs and college fairs
In the interest of ensuring that high school students are made aware of opportunities to join apprenticeship programs, this bill requires each public school or school district planning to hold a college fair or career fair to notify each apprenticeship program in the same county as the school, using the database available on the Division of Apprenticeship Standards website.  The notice must be in advance and must include the planned date, time, and location of the fair.  “Public schools,” for the purpose of this bill, include charter schools and alternative schools.

AB 680: Enacts the California Jobs Plan Act of 2021
This bill requires the State Air Resources Board (State Board) to work with the Labor and Workforce Development Agency to update Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (Fund) funding guidelines to ensure that all applicants to grant programs funded by Fund meet specified standards, including fair and responsible employer standards and inclusive procurement policies.

The state board will work with administering agencies to leverage existing programs and funding to assist applicants in meeting these standards.  The bill will require administering agencies to give preference to applicants that demonstrate a partnership with an educational institution or training program targeting residents of under-resourced, tribal, and low-income communities in the same region as the proposed project and to applicants that demonstrate the creation of high-quality jobs by the proposed project.

December 16, 2021

Legal Developments