Port of Long Beach truck drivers working for Seacon Logix, Inc. were employees and not independent contractors

In a win for working people, drivers represented by California Labor Commissioner Julie A. Su, celebrated this recent victory.  Their case originated from wage claims filed by a handful of drivers in the Long Beach office of the Labor Commissioner's office, also known as the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE).  The drivers claimed unreimbursed business expenses and unlawful deductions, including weekly truck rental fees and liability insurance costs for the trucks they drove for their employer.  The drivers won in 2011 when the Labor Commissioner’s office heard their claims, but Seacon Logix appealed.

The Superior Court upheld the drivers’ win and ordered Seacon Logix to pay the drivers $107,802, including interest.

“[M]isclassification cheats hardworking men and women like these port truck drivers out of the full pay to which they were entitled,” said Labor Commissioner Su in a statement.

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By Lisl Duncan

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