Private Sector

Private Sector

Trump Board Drops the Hammer on Specialty Healthcare, Makes it Harder for Workers to Organize in their Preferred Unit

Sixth Circuit upholds a City’s contracting standards related to apprenticeship and employee benefits

California rebalances the scales when it comes to employee retaliation and whistleblower claims

Public Sector

Public Sector

California court addresses what constitutes “compensation earnable” for legacy members’ Pension benefits

CalPERS Rules that Wrongfully Terminated Employees Are Entitled to Pension Service Credit and To Have a Back Pay Award Reported for Pension Purposes

CA AB 83: Judicial Council Employees Now Have the Right To Organize

Employee Benefit Plans

Employee Benefit Plans


The U.S. Tax Reform bill may not save you any money, and it will increase the cost of your health insurance

SB 133 and SB 17: California attempts to improve healthcare access and transparency for Californians

Workplace Immigration Issues

Workplace Immigration Developments

Worksite Enforcement


Remedies for Immigrant Workers

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A Law Firm For The People Who Keep America Working



Very few law firms are founded upon political and social philosophies rather than for economic gain.  Weinberg, Roger and Rosenfeld was founded on the principle that working people are entitled to the best legal representation in an economy and social system that was not designed with them in mind.  The firm sees itself as a part of the labor movement, along with the labor unions and working people whom it represents.


The original founders of the firm were once part of a larger firm that was headquartered in Southern California. In 1974, the firm took over the Northern California practice with its principal office in San Francisco and satellite offices in Oakland and San Jose. Before long the firm established itself in Los Angeles, Sacramento and Honolulu, Hawaii.


The firm has been true to its origins. All of its original members had trade union and working class backgrounds. When it hired new lawyers, it sought to assure that they not only had solid academic credentials, but that they shared the firm's commitment to social, economic and racial justice.


Today the firm of Weinberg, Roger and Rosenfeld is one of the largest labor and employment law firms in the United States.


Since its founding its attorneys have represented labor unions and their members in both the public and private sectors and have developed expertise necessary to protect Labor's rights to good health and a dignified retirement.


The firm enjoys an outstanding reputation in the legal community, but that doesn't mean that it will shy away from respectfully confronting the judicial, legislative and executive branches of the government when it is legal and appropriate to do so.


The firm's headquarters are located in the San Francisco Bay Area on the island city of Alameda. The firm also has active offices in Los Angeles, California; Sacramento, California; and Honolulu, Hawaii.


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California Workers' Rights

Purchase a copy of the new edition of the California Workers’ Rights book!  The Fifth Edition has just been released and contains a basic overview of the legal protections for workers under California and federal law.  The book is designed for use by workers and those who represent them. 

Pocket Guide to the Public Employees' Pension Reform Act

The guide summarizes the Act and all amendments to date, clarifying terms and provisions; explains how PEPRA has changed California public employee retirement plans; and covers recent court decisions and new guidance memoranda from some of the public retirement systems. The PEPRA guide also includes the statutory language of the Act, pertinent Government Code and Education Code sections, a glossary of terms, and an index.

By: Kerianne Steele

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