Two Anti-Union Bills Die in the Legislature

Reminding us in California that we, like other states, are also under attack legislatively, two anti-union bills that would have affected California’s public-sector unions died in the legislature recently. 

One bill, SB 2753, would have required that public-sector unions provide its members periodic itemized budgets and to respond to member inquiries about financial issues related to the organization.  The second bill, SB 2754, would have required elections every two years “to determine if that organization will continue to represent its members during any subsequent employment-related negotiations.”   Both bills failed to muster enough support in the committees for a full vote in legislature, killing the bills. 

While the defeat of these two anti-union bills are significant wins, public-sector unions must remain vigilant as right-wing organizations funded by the Koch brothers, like the American Legislative Exchange Council, continue to seek to undermine unions. 

By Anthony Tucci | June 3, 2016

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