San Diego Sheriffs Sue to Stop PEPRA

The San Diego Sheriffs Association (“DSA”) has sued their Pension Fund to stop it from using the so-called Public Employees' Pension Reform Act of 2013 (“PEPRA”) as an excuse to take a big bite out of new employees’ future pensions.  The suit alleges that the Pension Fund is trying to apply PEPRA's contribution rates to new members covered by the MOU—even though a current MOU exists that already provides for different contribution rates.  The DSA contends that the Pension Fund’s implementation of these provisions of PEPRA would impair the MOUs between the DSA and the County in violation of the Contracts Clause of the California Constitution.  For more detail click here

We will continue to provide updates about PEPRA-related litigation.  If a public employer or Retirement Association attempts to implement provisions of PEPRA that conflict with a current MOU, please contact our office immediately.

By Sean Graham

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