Contractors Fined Over $1 Million for Wage/Hour Violations

California Labor Commissioner Julie Su sent out a strong signal to all employers, and especially public works construction contractors, that she is “for real”. She fined 2 contractors a total of over $1 million for failing to pay workers what the law mandated.

FTR International Inc must pay $401,041 in wages and $185,725 in fines because it did not pay prevailing wages on a public works project, and also did not pay daily overtime, benefits, weekend premium rates, and did not contribute to a training program.

Wirtz Quality Installations, Inc. has been ordered to pay $102,292 in wages and $402,450 in fines because it failed to pay prevailing rates, failed to pay proper overtime, and charged workers 9% of wages for payments into a supposed unemployment insurance supplemental benefits plan.

If you know of violations like these, you should contact legal counsel, or go directly to the California Department of Labor Standards Enforcement and file a claim immediately.

By Bill Sokol

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