Unions Can Be "Navigators" for Uninsured Californians

The new California Exchange/Marketplace, due to be on line in July, 2013, with open enrollment in October, 2013, allows Unions to be "navigators". This means Unions may apply to have members trained, certified and registered as "navigators" to help millions of Californians enroll for free or low-priced health care. If a Union is selected to be an official "navigator" organization, it may receive $58 per enrollee it navigates to the new Health Care Exchange/Marketplace. If your Union is interested in becoming a "navigator" organization, it should fill out and submit the "Covered California Assister Enrollment entity Interest Form, available at http://www.healthexchange.ca.gov/Pages/AssistersProgram.aspx.

Being a "navigator" might give Unions the opportunity to meet many Californians who need health care, and Unions will have the opportunity to help them achieve coverage under the new Affordable Care Act.

Bill Sokol

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