Proposed Amendments to California’s Budget in Support of Apprenticeship

Over the last decade, funding for apprenticeship programs in California has been dramatically reduced in order to address the state’s fiscal crises. Apprenticeship funding through the community college system was reduced by 50%, and funding through the K-12 system was reduced by 20%. Last year, the administration of the education component of apprenticeship called Related and Supplemental Instruction was consolidated under the California Community College Chancellor’s Office, without any corresponding restoration of funding. Now that California’s economy is growing, there is a strong demand for a highly-skilled and trained workforce. Union apprenticeship programs need a restoration of apprenticeship funding in order to meet this demand.

California’s Union apprenticeship community is seeking several amendments to the 2014-15 Budget in support of apprenticeship:

  • Restoration of funding for apprenticeship to 2007-2008 funding levels.
  • An increase in the hourly reimbursement rate for Related and Supplemental Instruction.
  • Application of a COLA to apprenticeship programs to be in line with other educational programs.

For information on how to support the proposed amendments to the Budget, please contact your Trust Fund counsel.

By Kristina Zinnen | April 15, 2014

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