Sharon Seidenstein

Of Counsel

Telephone: (510) 337-1001

Hastings College of Law, 2001
University of California at Berkeley, 1983

Sharon Seidenstein is a partner in the Public Works Unit. She handles competitive bidding and fair contracting cases, public works and prevailing wage coverage and compliance cases, and labor code enforcement cases. She negotiates Project Labor Agreements for Bay Area Building Trades Councils to put thousands of journeyman and apprentice construction workers to work on large construction projects. Prior to joining WRR in 2009, Ms. Seidenstein worked with other Bay Area Union-side firms and with Region 32 of the National Labor Relations Board. Ms. Seidenstein is proficient in Spanish and has handled numerous wage and hour class action cases for workers in the building trades, securing millions of dollars in settlements as well as injunctive relief for workers who build California.

Practice Areas:
Labor Arbitrations and Collective Bargaining Negotiations
Class Actions and Wage and Hour Litigation
Enforcing Labor Standards on Public Works Projects
Labor Compliance and Labor Harmony
Competitive Bidding